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Improve your rhythm by learning how to perform Steve Reich’s Clapping Music.

Steve Reich’s Clapping Music is a free game that improves your rhythm by challenging you to play Steve Reich’s ground-breaking work – a piece of music performed entirely by clapping. Tap in time with the constantly shifting pattern, and progress through all of the variations. If you slip up or your accuracy falls too low, it’s game over.

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Might be the toughest rhythm action game since Rock Band

  — FACT

Brilliant – and infuriatingly addictive

  — The Guardian

On a superficial level, Clapping Music is Rock Band with better music (yeah, I said it)

  — Kill Screen

I’m obsessed with this fiendishly difficult app that separates real musicians from wannabes

  — Business Insider

Hone your skills

clapping play

Rehearse transitions in Practice Mode to improve your accuracy, rhythm and knowledge of the piece.

Learn the history

clapping score

Find out more about Steve Reich and his work with interviews and performance footage.

Live on stage

clapping perform

Submit your high score for a chance to perform Clapping Music live on stage with the London Sinfonietta.

Research project

Steve Reich’s Clapping Music is part of a research project led by Queen Mary University of London. The aim of the project is to explore if gaming experiences can help people learn musical skills, and if this leads to a deeper engagement with the arts. For more information on the Clapping Music research project, visit the website.

Visit research website

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